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New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

As we have such a huge range of Drum stock and our stock is constantly changing, we cannot keep the availability of each item up to date daily. We also cannot list every item for sale. If you do not see the item you are interested in or if it's been sold, then please contact our shop on 01872 271701 to check for up to date availability.

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Korg ClipHit Electronic Clip Drums - Brand New Clip on Drum System - Attach the clips to almost any surface, Transforming it into a Snare, Hi-Hat or Cymbal!

The Korg ClipHit is a new electric drum kit that's great for practice or relaxed playing. Simply attach the clips to any object - a magazine, a desk or almost anything - instantly transforming it into a snare, hi-hat or cymbal. If you prefer something a bit more traditional you can also attach these clips to practice pads using them to play drums or any of the programmed EFX sounds.

The Korg ClipHit is an electronic drum kit composed of three clips with internal sensors, as well as a foot switch. You can attach the clips to almost any surface and play drums in real time. The drum volume changes as you vary the force of your strike, and can also be adjusted independently for each clip and pedal. There's a 3-inch speaker with 2W output and a bass-reflex design, delivering great-sounding tone for your drum performance.

Eleven different combinations are provided, including snare, hi-hat, toms, cymbals, bass drums. If you add an optional pedal switch, you'll be able to simultaneously play a total of five different sounds, three with the clips and two with the pedal, expanding your drum performance to hi-hat open/close or double bass. EFX programmed sounds such as conga, tambourine and hand-claps are just some of the wide variety of sounds included in the ClipHit.

The Korg ClipHit is compact and easily storable, but also looks good enough to leave on display in offices, studios and living spaces. Four AA batteries allow up to six hours of operation, allowing you to enjoy playing in a wide range of situations. There's also an AUX input so you can connect an MP3 player and jam along. There's endless ways to use this fun instrument.

Full detailed specification here

Our Special Price Only £99.00



Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit - Newly Released Alesis Electronic Drum Kit with Portable Folding Rack

Instant Drums for the Aspiring Musician - The Alesis DM Lite Kit with light-up LED pads will have any novice or accomplished drummer playing - and playing better - right away. All drum and cymbal pads are mounted to the pre-assembled, height-adjustable, 4-post rack, making set-up a snap. In addition to 200 sounds (fully accessible by external MIDI sources), the DM Lite Module contains a built-in drum coach offering play-along patterns and exercises to improve your skills. Through stereo 1/4" outputs, the DM Lite Kit can be easily connected to an amplifier or sound system to share your performance or an 1/8" headphone output is available for private practice. Plus, there is an 1/8" aux input that allows you to jam out to your favorite tunes from an external audio source. The DM Lite Kit can even connect to your computer via USB for integration with popular software recording programs and virtual instruments.

INSTANT SET-UP - The DM Lite Kit includes a pre-assembled 4-post rack, with all drum and cymbal pads in place. Simply unfold the arms, position the pads and cymbals, and use the quick-release fittings to set the height to match your size and playing style - no tools required. The wiring snake connects all of the pads, cymbals, and pedals to the DM Lite module with one single, convenient connection. Plug in the DM Lite module, grab the included drumsticks, and start playing!

SERIOUS SOUND, PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE - The DM Lite module is loaded with 200 quality drum and percussion sounds (fully accessible by external MIDI sources), making up 10 ready-to-play kits that are selected to compliment multiple genres of music. Sounds are arranged into 10 ready-to-play kits. As great as they are, sounds are just the beginning. Inside the DM Lite module you’ll also find valuable extras. The built-in coach feature, 30 play-along music tracks, and an onboard click-track (metronome) add purpose to practice sessions and improve basic and advanced skills. The DM Lite module also provides an 1/8" stereo aux input, so you can listen, learn, and play along with lessons or jam to your favorite tracks stored in your computer, mobile device, or audio player. For making music with a computer, the DM Lite module benefits from a USB MIDI connection to allow use with popular audio recording software and virtual instruments. A headphone jack for private practice, plus 1/4" stereo outputs connect easily to a PA system, amplifier, or recording interface.

LED ILLUMINATED PADS - The DM Lite Kit includes four drum pads - one snare and three toms. Three cymbal pads are also provided - hi-hat, crash, and ride. When each pad or cymbal is hit, an internal blue LED lights up, adding a mini light show to any performance. Plus, the pads will also flash in response to the onboard patterns and drum lessons, providing visual reinforcement to every practice session.

CONTROL ON THE FLOOR - Two foot pedals complete the DM Lite Kit kit. The first is a hi-hat open/closed momentary control pedal. Second is a velocity-sensitive piezo-controlled kick trigger pedal. Unlike simple on/off kick pedals, this dynamic pedal translates the player’s force into volume, for a realistic kick-drum performance.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £249.00 - Our Special Price Only £219.00


Yamaha DTX400 Electronic Drum Kit - Delivering Unprecedented Performance at a Totally New Price Point - Expand Your Drumming Experience!

Combining Yamaha’s expertise in drums and technology, the DTX400 features dynamic acoustic drum and percussion sounds, plus modern rock drums and electronic tones. Drummers of all levels will enjoy the full size kit and steel rack system. Customize the kits to match your style, and practice with interactive training functions featuring a "Voice Guidance" system - it’s like having a talking drum teacher built-in! Play along with the musical practice songs or aux input and develop the chops to play on acoustic drums. With upgrades like 3-zone snare, extra crash and real pedal action your DTX400 kit can grow with your drumming.

With a totally new Module, Rack, Pads and Pedal design, the small and compact DTX400K delivers unprecedented performance at a totally new price point, and with its onboard training functions and high levels of connectivity, will expand the drumming experience.The DTX400 sounds include stereo recordings of real drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments that respond to your playing dynamics for truly musical expression. You get milestone sounds from the history of drumming, including some of Yamaha’s most beloved acoustic drums.

Playability and Feel only a Drum Maker Can Provide - With more than 45 years in the drum business we know just how important playability can be. Using our experience of drummers demands we have designed the drum pads of the DTX400K to provide a natural response, solid durability and excellent stick feel. The rubber surface stops the sticks from sliding, making it easy to practice single, double, and triple strokes.

The dimensions of the DTX400K series are ideal too,effectively preparing you to rock out on an acoustic kit. The size of this kit and design of the snare and toms provide a comfortable drumming experience for any player. The new KU100 kick unit offers silent operation for the bass drum without sacrificing dynamic expression and matches the included hi-hat control pedal. Combine all this with large 10” cymbals plus hi-hat and you get a great feeling drum kit which allows you to play without disturbing others.

The DTX400 series training functions can propel you on your way to proficiency. These fun and engaging training functions including Grove Check, Rhythm Gate, Groove Tracker and Fast Blaster, amongst many others, are easily operated using simple ‘Back lite’ function buttons.

Create Your Own Kits - The DTX400K comes with ten professional quality drum “kits” that you can simply select and play right away, comprising legendary drum tones that include some of Yamaha’s most acclaimed acoustic drums. But you’re not limited to just the presets. You can draw from a selection of 169 outstanding drum sounds – 23 snares, 21 kicks, 36 toms, 31 cymbals, 16 hi-hats and 42 percussion instruments to create custom kits that ideally match your style, even if your style changes from day to day. Go wild with a heavy double bass kit one day, and then switch to a dance kit on the next. Keep up to ten of your favourite kits ready for instant recall at any time.

Fast Track to Drum Stardom - Enhanced built-in training functions can help launch aspiring drummers of all levels to new heights. Ten routines including warm-ups, groove tools, and drumming games make practice more fun and more effective than ever. The intuitive “Groove Tracker” will help beginners pick up the beat, “Rhythm Gate” is a great way for all drummers to improve their time, and “Fast Blast” is a new challenge that will test the chops of even advanced players. There’s even a spoken grading system that will encourage you along on your musical journey.

Expand and Upgrade as Your Skills Grow - A USB connection enables you to control VSTi drum sound libraries and record directly to computer software, You can also import new songs via Yamaha’s Music Soft Downloader. New APPs will be launched in 2013 designed to work alongside the DTX400K to present an exciting interactive learning experience.

We currently have a Yamaha DTX400 Electronic Drum Kit set up for demonstration in our Drum Department atour retail shop. So feel free to visit us and try it out for yourself.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £471.00 - Our Special Price Only £399.00 - Available for Order

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