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New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

New Online Shop here: https://modernmusic.myshopify.com

As we have such a huge range of Drum stock and our stock is constantly changing, we cannot keep the availability of each item up to date daily. We also cannot list every item for sale. If you do not see the item you are interested in or if it's been sold, then please contact our shop on 01872 271701 to check for up to date availability.

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DW Design Series Acrylic Drum Kit - 5 Piece Shell Set in Seamless Clear Acrylic Finish - Best Price in the UK - Only One Left in Stock!

The Design Series Shell Kits by DW are both professional and high quality at an incredibly affordable price. The Design Series take the essence of DW and puts it into a kit that is fresh yet decidedly familiar.

This Shell Kit features acrylic shells that provide fantastic low end and loud resonant tones with some serious punch. So whether you're rocking out on stage, or just jamming with your friends, this kit will have you sounding your best.

The toms benefit from graduated chrome counter hoops meaning the smaller drums on the kit feature thinner hoops which in turn allows these drums to resonate more freely and produce much richer sounds. Another feature of the Design series toms is the STM (Suspension Tom Mount) system which allows the toms to resonate independently without any chocking from hardware to shell contact.

In order to provide drummers with even more control over their own sound, DW has created its True-Pitch rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads rather than the standard 12/24 that occurs on most other drums resulting in a more exacting tuning process.

DW's Design Shell Packs also feature MAG throw-off, low-mass die cast claw hooks and more. Included with these shells are Remo Suede drum heads which will enable you to draw out your own unique sound, as well as providing a durable playing surface.

This DW Design Series Acrylic Drum Kit comes with the following Shell Sizes: 22"x18" Bass Drum, 10"x8" Tom Tom, 12"x9" Tom Tom, 16"x14" Floor Tom and a 14"x5.5" Matching DW Acrylic Snare Drum. It also includes chrome lugs, hoops, STM and tom legs.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £1599.00 - Our Price The Best in the UK Only £1199.00



Sonix (Percussion Plus) 924 Fusion Series Drum Kit - All Kits Supplied with Evans Heads - Inc. All Hardware: Stands, Stool, Budget Cymbals and Pedals - New & Improved!

The New Sonix range of drums kits now offers the new player a far higher level of quality at an unbelievably competitive price. Having listened to their customers, Sonix Drum Kits were introduced in 2009 to fill a need for a modern, keenly priced, market entry drum kit, and in our opinion they are the best starter kit on the market.

All Sonix Drum Kits are supplied with Evans Drum Heads for a really professional sound and every kit inludes all Hardware: Stands, Stool, Budget Cymbals and Pedals. These benefits, combined with competitive pricing, have already elevated Sonix into the Top 3 selling entry level drum kits in the UK!

Sonix provides the new and intermediate drummer the build quality, sound and feel of a far more expensive kit. Take a close look at the new Sonix range and you'll see why they are right on the beat when it comes to balancing sound, quality and value.

Many of the features that come as standard are what you would expect from a more expensive range, they include:

- 6.5mm-7mm Shells made from high-quality 6 ply poplar.
- Rubber mounted lug boxes to minimise loss of resonance.
- Roller ball, quick-lock tom arms allows infinite adjustment to playing position and secure locking.
- Fast locking, folding spurs on Bass Drum.
- All Kits supplied with branded Evans drumheads for a really professional sound.

- Microphone port hole in Bass Drum head.

New and Improved features for 2014 include:
- All Kits supplied with upgraded Evans Heads.
- New and Improved Bass Drum Pedal.
- Upgraded Tom Holders.
- Upgraded Snare throw off.
- Air Suspension Floor Tom feet.

We have 2 very popular finishes available; Black (PP924/BK) or Silver (PP924/SV) Colour selection can be chosen before Payment is completed. Pictures of each Drum Kit in these colours can be seen below.

For any enquiries please call us on 01872 271701.

RRP £379.00 - Our Special Price Only £299.00



Natal Arcadia UFX Plus Drum Kit with Hardware - 6 Piece Shell Set in Black Sparkle Finish with all Hardware - New for 2016 - Unbelievable Value!

The Brand New Natal Arcadia Drum Kit is at an unbelievable budget price but don’t let that fool you, as they represent excellent value for money. The whole Arcadia package includes: High end specification Birch Shells, 10 Lug Bass Drum, Fast Tom Sizes, Heavy Duty Stands and Pedals.

The initial impressions of this stunning new Drum Kit are high quality shells that look and feel like they are from a much more expensive kit. Plus the addition of a 10 Lug Bass Drum included on this kit, it really is unheard of.

This Natal Arcadia Drum Kit comes with the following Shell Sizes: 22"x18" Bass Drum, 10"x6.5” Tom Tom, 12"x7” Tom Tom, 14”x12” Floor Tom, 16”x14” Floor Tom and a 14"x5.5" Matching Natal Snare Drum.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £549.00 - Our Special Price Only £499.00 - Stock Arriving Soon

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