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Bass Guitar Advice

The same advice which applies to an Electric Guitar (See Electric Guitar Advice) is probably more important with a Bass. Due to a Bass Guitar having thicker strings which applies greater tension to the neck, this means a good set up and playability is crucial.

The neck might have to be adjusted every time a different weight and gauge of string is used for example changing from an extra light gauge to a standard gauge. Basses come in all shapes and sizes, which again mean some suit different styles of music. Basses can be purchased with active pickups and pre amps, this helps in certain situations to provide a wider range of tone and extra power.

Five string and six string basses are also available for purchase. Unlike an electric guitar a bass guitar player will have to accompany another instrument at some point. The Bass Guitar is not a solo instrument and it relies on its role to accompany drums and other instruments. As with purchasing an electric guitar the customer must first set a budget, this may need to be slightly higher because bass guitars tend to be a little more expensive.


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