About Modern Music

Shop Front Painting

Modern Music was opened on the 20th November 1982 by Andy Pascoe and Arthur Lloyd.

Andy had worked for two of the more general music shops in Truro and wanted to expand and specialise in the group gear side of the business.

His vision was of a shop that would one day build up to stock the elite of professional equipment. Despite advice from his previous employers that this idea was doomed from the start Andy formed a partnership with Arthur and the shop was opened.

Modern Music was started on a shoe-string budget of around £5000. It was a far cry then from the fully stocked shop of today.

1985 saw Andy buy Arthur out of the partnership and become a sole trader. Also about that time the Drum Department began to take off and run by Dave Owen showed encouraging signs of growth. Since then Modern Music has gone from strength to strength taking on board more and more agencies over the years.

In 2001, Modern Music saw the start of an exciting new venture, the sourcing and importing of Vintage and Rare guitars. This has now grown into an established part of the business. Andy is in constant contact with vintage guitar dealers in America, and is always able to pursue any customer enquiries regarding Vintage and Rare guitars.

In 2014, Andyís son Aaron became a Junior Partner in Modern Music. This new partnership heralds the next stage in Modern Musicís history. It will allow the business to continue to expand in new diverse ways and will see us go from strength to strength.