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We cannot list every item in our Retail Store here on our Online Shop. If you do not see the item you are interested in or if it's been sold, then please contact our shop on 01872 271701

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (Short Scale) - Candy Apple Red Finish

The all-new Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (short scale) puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding and super-versatile Squier bass model.

Features include a sleek offset-waist body and an ultra-slim fast-action 30” scale neck, with the added one-two punch of a booming split single-coil Precision Bass middle pickup paired with a growling Jazz Bass single-coil bridge pickup.

More than just a student model, this bass is perfect for players who will appreciate the comfort of a short-scale instrument. Superior tone, smooth playability, great comfort and fantastic value.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £271.00 - Our Special Price Only £245.00


Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 String Bass - Available in Walnut Satin and Mint Green

The S.U.B. Series family of instruments introduce a new level of quality and features at great value. Part of the esteemed Music Man & Sterling by Music Man family of instruments, they feel all players should have access to affordable guitars & basses that feel, sound and play like a refined, crafted professional instrument.

The best components, hardware and designs all work in harmony to give you the best user experience as you discover your sound. The goal is to deliver an instrument, at a price that surpasses your expectations.

The Ray4 basses are the cousins of the MusicMan StingRay 4 basses. Classic, iconic instruments that defined a generation of bassists since the late 70′s. Active electronics, low noise hum bucking pickups, rock solid hardware and a simple, uncluttered look that is instantly recognizable and respected.

S.U.B. Series Bass Boast Great Tone Shaping Features - The tone is shaped by the onboard active 2 band preamp. Controls for volume, bass and treble offer maximum flexibility in finding your sound. Full cut & boost of bass & treble frequencies. The wide range of tones, guarantee you will find your sound, for any musical situation.

Quality Construction - Superior design and construction are key to delivering a solid instrument that will accompany you on your long musical journey. All S.U.B. basses employ a superior 6 bolt neck joint. The 6 bolt neck joint, designed by Music Man, offers strength, stability and great tone transfer. The neck stays in position and won’t shift under heavy load. The neck heel allows easy access to the higher end of the fingerboard and is unobtrusive. Allowing your hands to freely move about the neck with ease. Rest assured, your neck will stay put while your fingers roam about.

High Output Humbucking Pickup - The high output humbucking pickup was designed for clarity and true reproduction of the basses natural tone, with minimal coloration. 2 rows of large magnetic pole pieces pump the strings information into the pickup, feeding the 2 band active preamp. Tones can be aggressive, wild or mild. Its up to you to find your sound. 3 screw adjustment allow for more accurate positioning of the pickups angle & height, allowing for more precise adjustments to match the strings angle.

Battery - The 2 band active preamp is powered by a 9 volt battery. The easy to open battery compartment makes battery changes easy and simple. Simply flip up the battery door, unclip the 9 volt from the clip and clip in your new battery. Takes no time at all. The battery is easily accessible on the back of the body. Your battery should last for several months under normal use. It's recommended that you unplug the cable when not in use, to conserve on the batteries life span.

We have the Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 String Bass available in 2 colours: Walnut Satin and Mint Green.

These items are available to buy in our Retail shop in Truro. Please call us on 01872 271701 for any stock enquiries.

Full detailed specification here

RRP £349.00 - Our Special Price Each Only £329.00