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Ibanez 1980 Original Roadster RS-940TV Fretless Bass - Made in Japan - Inc. Hard Case (SRI05536)


In 1980, Ibanez's desire to advance their guitar making art was exhibited beautifully in their Ibanez electric basses. Each one of their basses was the result of months of field testing with musicians around the world.

One of the key features of Ibanez basses was the 24-Fret Fingerboard they all shared. Most basses at the time had only 20 Frets, limiting the playing possibilities in the upper register. The bodies were balanced so that even though the neck was longer than other basses, the instruments balanced comfortably.

The Roadster Series Basses featured specially designed Super P4 and Super J4 Pickups. These Pickups had a custom balanced output, eliminating the extreme volume differences between standard and replacement pickups of this type. The RS924 also featured the Ibanez EQ-B2 two-band equalisation system to help deliver fuller lows and crisper highs.

All Ibanez Basses featured the exclusive TR Tuned Responce neck. Each neck was tuned with steel bars installed under the fingerboard to eliminate dead spots and hot notes.

This Ibanez 1980 Original Roadster RS-940TV Fretless Bass is the exact same specification as the RS 924, the only difference is a Fretless Fingerboard.

To see the Original Page from the Ibanez 1980's Catalogue for the Roadster Bass Series and Full detailed specification click here

It is very rare to find a 1980's Guitar still in Excellent Condition such as this Ibanez 1980 Roadster Fretless Bass. We currently have it for sale at our Retail Shop, so feel free to visit us and see it for yourself.

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