Vintage & Rare > VOX 1974 Original AC-30 Top Boost Amp Combo - 2 x 12" Celestion Speakers - Made in England by Dallas Arbiter

VOX 1974 Original AC-30 Top Boost Amp Combo - 2 x 12" Celestion Speakers - Made in England by Dallas Arbiter (RI05557VR)


This is an Original Pre-Owned VOX 1974 AC-30 Top Boost Amp Combo. The last owner purchased it second hand from Manson's in Exeter. He was informed that it was previously owned by Matthew Bellamy from the band Muse. Matthew Bellamy uses custom guitars designed by himself and Hugh Manson, so this would seem correct, more information on this here.

It is in excellent condition for its age and was manufactured in England 1974. The price tag in Manson's was £1400, the final sale price was £1200, we are now asking £1000.

The Dallas Vox AC-30 shows the evidence that the AC-30 was returned to the original Vox design with only one significant exception. The GZ-34 tube rectifier was replaced with a diode bridge. The GZ-34 rectifier plays a significant role in the tone of an AC-30 by mildly compressing the output of the amp. This natural "sag" is lacking in versions of the AC-30 amp that have diode rectification. However, the use of diodes in the power supply also has a benefit. The efficiency of the diode rectification in the Dallas produced AC-30 allowed the amp to produce over 40 watts of output power.

This early example of the CBS/Arbiter AC-30 Top Boost amp has a 13 ply baltic birch enclosure. The cabinet had six slender JMI style air vents for improved ventilation. JMI produced Vox AC-30 amps had only three such air vents. Later versions of the Dallas AC-30 would be produced with a particle board enclosure.

This version of the AC-30 continued to be built until Dallas Industries sold Vox to Rose Morris in 1979. Even after the sale was completed, the Dallas manufacturing facility in Shoeburyness continued to manufacture Vox amps for Rose Morris for several more years. Rose Morris offered the hand wired AC-30 through 1980 until a new, printed circuit based AC-30 was designed and built.

To see the Full History and Detailed Specification of this VOX 1974 AC-30 Top Boost Amp Combo follow the link here

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