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Zoom R16 16-Track Digital Recorder - All in one Recorder, Interface and Controller in a Mobile Production Studio (1MMM000)


The Zoom R-16 Multi-Track Recorder looks to remedy past inadaquacies in connecting multi-track recorders to PCs. This new multitrack can handle up to eight simultaneous tracks, and it's loaded with features that take computer connectivity to a new extreme. For one, if you don't want to record to SD, as is possible with this unit, just hook it up and use it as an interface. It also acts as a control surface once you've got your tracks tracked and transferred.

Recorder - Record 8 tracks simultaneously and easily with 16-track playback - Capture audio in any setting, from live music performance, drums with multiple mics to music rehearsals and songwriting, even audio for film and video. You can playback up to 16 tracks using its 16/24-bit linear WAV format and 44.1kHz sampling rate.

Interface - Audio interface with 8-in/2-out capability - The R16 functions as an audio interface enabling direct input of sound to a computer. It features support for high quality 24-bit/96kHz encoding, it has eight input channels and two output channels which can be used simultaneously. If you use the sampling rate of 44.1kHz, the internal DSP effects of the R16 are also usable on your computer tracks. Adjust the mixing balance between the DAW playback sound and the direct sound for monitoring with the dedicated control.

Controller - Control surface for all major DAW functions - Use the R16 to control Transport and mixing operations of the DAW software. Get greater control and a better feel for mixing. In Mackie Control emulation mode, major DAW applications such as Cubase, Logic, and Sonar are supported.

Get in Sync - Sync two R16s for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording - The R16 is the first recorder that incorporates the ability to generate a synchronization signal based on USB data transfer timing. By connecting two R16 units via USB, you can designate one to function as a USB host and the other as a USB slave, allowing synchronised transport operation. This lets you record on up to 16 tracks simultaneously to competently handle a live performance.

The Zoom R16 16-Track Recorder Features:

- Built-in high-sensitivity stereo microphones
- Supports SDHC cards up to 32 Gb
- Versatile inputs for guitars, mics and line sources
- Use master track for final mix
- 135 DSP Effects including guitar amp simulations
- Tuner and metronome onboard
- Locate function makes editing easy
- Power options (Supplied AC Adaptor or 6 AA/LR6 batteries)
- USB 2.0 Hi-Speed mode for fast file transfer
- USB host capability with connecting USB memory

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